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GME8 Gas Furnace


The performance and durability of a gas furnace rests almost exclusively on the design and construction of the heat exchanger. Simply stated, a gas furnace is only as dependable as its heat exchanger. That’s why the Goodman brand gas furnaces have perhaps the best exchanger in the industry.

The industry standard (NASI Z21.47) requires that furnace manufacturers to test their heat exchanges for 10,000 cycles. That is the baseline of performance, and the standard for many furnace manufacturers. The industry test requires that the furnace burner must ignite, heat the exchanger to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit, and allow it to cool to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and then repeat the process.

The TuffTube™ heat exchanger employs three key technologies that all work together with the physical properties of aluminized-steel tubing. The final result is a tight, strong, durable heat exchanger that we consider unequaled in the heating and cooling industry.

  • Wrinkle-Bend Technology: This allows us to form aluminized-steel tubes to precise specifications to optimize heat transfer, the basic function of a heat exchanger. This process virtually eliminates manufacturing stresses that can be placed on the aluminized-steel tubing. Stress can cause premature failures in the heat exchanger. Plus, the wrinkles enhance heat transfer by creating turbulence inside the tubes.
  • Dual-Diameter Tubing: Our TuffTube™ heat exchangers are constructed with two different sizes of tubes to optimize performance. As hot gasses pass from the larger to the smaller diameter tube, the gas releases heat and the velocity of the gas increases. This ensures that hotter gas remains in the chamber longer for exceptional heat transfer into your home.
  • Tube Joining Technology: Where the stainless-steel tubes are joined together, the TuffTube™ heat exchanger makes use of the properties of thermal growth.

The larger stainless-steel tube is inserted into the smaller diameter tube. During a heating cycle, the larger tube gets hotter and, consequently, the joint actually becomes more solid and stronger. When you compare the performance qualities of the TuffTube™ heat exchanger to any of the competitive brands, you’ll discover why more and more homeowners are installing Goodman brand gas furnaces…they saying, "Thank goodness for Goodman".